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Eligible for the Home Renovation Tax Credit: Sod, Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, Interlocking Driveways, Decks, Retaining Walls, Pathways, Irrigation and Lighting Systems, Ponds and Waterfalls, Garden Sheds, Professional Landscape Design and Contractor Services.

If you work from home our services can be claimed as a business expense.

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Our sod is sourced straight from the farm to ensure the highest quality premium Kentucky blue grass. Sod is suited for sunny areas.

Seeding a lawn from scratch is our bread and butter. It's a good alternative to sod and does well in both shade and sun

Flagstone walkways can highlight specific features and preserve high traffic areas 

Mulch is the most effective way to revive your garden. It not only looks good, but is excellent at controlling weeds.

River rock is a good choice if you'r looking to add some contrast to your garden or landscape.

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