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Turf & Root Landscaping serves both residential and commercial customers from London, Ontario to Port Stanley.  From turf to landscapes to hardscape, Turf & Root strives to make sure all customers are happy and deliver on the quality you expect.  A well designed landscape should be timeless, practical and easily maintained.  It is an excellent way to not only increases the curb appeal, but also the value of your property. Wether it's an extensive backyard renovation, sod install or a clean up, you can be sure you'll get the same professionalism on jobs of all sizes and caliber.


Property maintenance runs through all 4 seasons.  We have you covered for turf from April-October and snow from November-March with both clean up's in between.  Our services can be suited to anyone from a crisp cut with clean edges or the basic mow and go. All properties are left spotless of grass clippings and debris.

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